Gipsy jazz for your event : weddings, anniversaries, corporate entertainment etc...

About Us

We are the the Cordes Nomades, a gipsy jazz band available to play at your next event : wedding, birthday, reception, cocktail party, etc...


For the past six years, we have combined our musical and professional expertise to create a welcoming, festive, and relaxed ambiance for any event.


We have different options available to provide an authentic and original, musical ambiance for your guests.


We are located in Montpellier and we can travel all throughout France.


Duo Option

la formule duo du groupe cordes nomades, deux guitaristes de jazz manouche à Montpellier.

One rhythm guitar and one lead guitar, ideal for an intimate atmosphere.

Trio Option

La formule trio du groupe Cordes nomades. Deux guitaristes et un contrebassiste en train de jouer pour un mariage du jazz manouche

Two guitars and one contrabass (the typical tradition line-up of gipsy jazz).

Quartet Option

le quartet du groupe Cordes Nomades. Quatres musiciens pour animer votre mariage avec du jazz manouche. Chateau dérierre

In addition to impressive visual impact, a saxophone player broadens our horizons to play many more musical genres, such as American and French classics.

Singer Option

la chanteuse du groupe de jazz manouche cordes nomades. Lucy estaque

With her original and energetic interpretation, our singer Lucy Estaque allows you and your guests to discover a new perspective on Manouche jazz, American jazz, and French classics.

Her scat is beyond impressive!


Each option guarantees the following services:

  • A rich, musical repertoire lasting 3 hours
  • A small sound system is available, which is MP3 compatible and can be used for speeches as well
  • Many years of event experience
  • Ability to walk and play at different locations at your event
  • Polite, tactful, and well-dressed musicians
  • The possibility to play requested songs as desired

Our band features guitarist Romaric Blanchard, guitarist Tomy Vincent, bassist Francois Xavier Debray, saxophonist Benoit Albina, and singer Lucy Estaque.

The Cordes Nomades’ repertoire is inspired by the Manouche tradition, seen in artists such as Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg, and Dorado Schmitte.


We would like to share with you the spirit of this genre with Manouche swing, waltzes, rumba, bossanova, bolero, American jazz classics and traditional French song adaptations.


We have played in many prestigious locations in the South of France :

  • Château de Pouget
  • Château bas d'Aumelas
  • Château de Flaugergues
  • Mas des Violettes
  • Prieuré St Michel de Grandmont
  • château laroque
  • Château Las Collas
  • Château d'agel
  • domaine de saint baudile
  • domaine de coussergues
  • Château Nadal-Hainaut
  • Château de Potelières
  • Domaine de Mujolan
  • Château Font du Broc
  • Château Sainte Roseline
  • domaine Belric
  • château de Villarel
  • Chateau de Roquelune
  • domaine de l'argentiere
  • chateau de barrenques
  • Domaine de Bagard
  • Château de la Banquiere
  • Château de la Mogere
  • Abbaye de Valmagne
  • Domaine de La Grangette
  • la Baraque de Sérignac.
  • domaine de la vière
  • domaine des rives
  • domaines des barres
  • etc...

We can go to  Languedoc-Roussillon, Hérault, Gard, bouche du Rhône, Aude, Var, Pyrénées-Orientales, Tarn, Aveyron Vaucluse, Nîmes, Perpignan, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Sète, Béziers, Avignon, Alès...etc. Vidéo de Mariage : Bigday Prod

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